Custom Crypto Copier For Your Needs

If you are looking for a cryptocurrency copier solution for your business, then you found the right place! We can accomodate and scale according to your needs and the number of followers/investors.


Built with Python. Execution (copying of trades) in milliseconds per trade/user. Runs on a super fast AWS server.


Our software was developed with scaling and evolving cryptocurrency exchanges and market conditions in mind.


We stand by our software and work with our clients on the daily bases to ensure smoothness of the operation. Your clients' success is our priority.

About CryptoCopier

Our software currency supports Bittrex and Binance exchanges. The copying is done via API keys of your clients which are stored on your secure server database.

Our Clients

We are growing and adding new clients to our platform. We have to work with you in the near future as well.

Social Trading Platform allows investors to copy crypto currency traders in real time, automatically. Founded by traders for traders and investors.

NetQube Holdings

NetQube Holdings

Private Trader

Successful trader teamed up with affiliate network to help investors copy his trades using our software.

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Main Features

We know that speed and quality is very important to you. This has been our focus, our constant and never ending improvement to our service.
Python Speed

Python Speed

We utilize high-level programming language (Python) for speed and reliability of cryptocurrency trade copying between accounts. Low latency and high reliability.

Trade Copying

Trade Copying

Ability to copy trades from one or more 'Master' accounts to an unlimited amount of 'Follower' accounts on secure crypto exchange platform of your choice.

Client Backoffice

Client Backoffice

Custom back office with functions for your clients such as billing and profile management, trade copying settings, allocation of capital, pause/restart copying, and more.

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We are located in Kalamazoo, Michigan 

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